Welcome to Young Members Committee (YMC)



The Young Members Committee (originally known as the Junior Organization when first established on 19 March 2003), supports the work of the Institute to provide a forum and support network in organizing technical seminars, visits and other activities to benefit group members and facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge about construction management among young members.
Our objectives include taking care of the needs and interests of the non-corporate members of the Institute, fostering the personal and professional development of young members, and promoting HKICM to the young generation of the construction industry.
Chairman     :     Cr CHAN Wai-lam Math
Members     :     Cr WONG Chung-yuen (Secretary)

                            Cr CHEUNG Kwong-hang, Eric                            
                            Cr LAM Wing-ho, Michael
                            Cr LO Kin-fung, Chris
SZE Ka-tat, Andy
                            Cr WONG Ming-fai, Tomy
·     To establish a network of young members for exchange of views, sharing of experience, posting of questions,
      discussion of common issues and involvement in events and projects to cultivate their sense of belonging to
      the Institute;
·     To provide effective channels of communication between young members and the Institute;
·     To offer mentorship to young members;
·     To assist the development of young members' business networking through closer interaction with suitable 
      groups; and
·     To provide an effective platform to nurture young members to become future leaders of the Institute.


The YMC works in the best interests of its members. We aim to help developing construction managers acquire new skills and progress towards gaining professional status, and ‘improve the community through construction management'.
Throughout the year we organize a wide range of different activities:
·     Technical visits, seminars and experience sharing workshops
·     Introduction seminars and orientation talks of HKICM
·     Skill-development events such as presentation skills workshops
·     Open competition such as “Youth Construction Discovery Challenge”
·     Social events and gatherings, such as sports fun day and mahjong competition
·     Volunteer service to the community
Through various organized activities and interaction with the construction industry, young members of the Institute can gain better understanding of the industry and equip themselves when and before they enter the workforce in the construction industry.


Many young construction managers in Hong Kong are inspired and motivated to work voluntarily for the Institution's Young Member Committee.
In doing so, our Young Members move further along their aim of achieving Professional Construction Manager status, while meeting and networking with other young construction managers to gain valuable knowledge and experience that helps them with their careers.
If you think you can help us, why not get involved? 
here to view photos of CPD events and social activities.
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