Application and Subscription Fees

Candidates are required to pay an Application Fee, Entrance Fee (for Member Class of membership only)  and Subscription Fee at the time of submitting the application. However, the subscription fee will only be cashed in by the Institute upon successful election or transfer of an application while the application fee is non-refundable.

Please submit separate cheques for application, entrance and subscription fee respectively (please refer to the following tables for the appropriate amount) together with the application form.

   For Election
   For Transfer

Re-instatement of Membership                                                                                                               

According to Bye-Laws 7.4.2, members whose membership have lapsed through non-payment of dues and who now seek re-instatement to their previous class of membership are required to pay:

(a) a reinstatement fee, including:
(i)    an Application Fee (1);plus
(ii)   the outstanding subscription fee (2) at time of termination of membership; and
(b) the current subscription fee applicable to the class of membership to be re-instated.
* Please issue two cheques, which shall be made payable to "Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers", to cover (a) and (b) separately.

All reinstatements of membership are subject to the discretion of the General Council.

(1) at the rate of current application fee
(2) this will be charged at the rate of the current subscription fee



Under Clause 7.3.1 of Bye-laws Part VII, any member having been a Corporate Member of the Institute for not less than 5 years who has reached the age of 65 years, shall be exempted from the payment of further annual subscriptions on application to the General Council.