Meeting with Delegates from AIB on 20 June 2019

Meeting with Delegates from AIB

20 June 2019

HKICM President, Cr Daniel SHUM together with Vice Presidents, Cr Tony ZA and Cr Dr Billy LEE accompanied by Secretary General, Mr Rocky CHOW held a meeting with the delegates from Australian Institute of Building (AIB), including National President, Mr David BURNELL, Overseas Chapter Nominee, Mr Norman FAIFER and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Greg HUGHES together with AIB Hong Kong Chapter President, Mr Henry NG and his Committee Members on 20 June 2019 at the Grand Ballroom A of Sheraton Hotel in Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.
Besides a regular touch-base gathering between the two institutes during the AIB President’s annual visit to Hong Kong, the meeting was held mainly to discuss HKICM proposal to join the existing IOB collaboration formed amongst AIB, New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB) and Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL) back in 2014.
During the meeting, the issues being discussed focused mainly on contents of the submitted ‘Business Case’ to support forming of the “Quadripartite Agreement”, including HKICM contribution and commitment that might bring to the enlarged IOB collaboration, commitment to run the existing biannual “Constructing Our World” Conference, HKICM relationship with its China counterparts, including peer professional institutions and organizations as well as universities delivering ‘Building and Construction Management’ programmes in China.
Both parties agreed that forming of an international association of building and construction management professionals around the “Pacific Rim” and in South East Asia, eventually globally, will ideally be placed to contribute. However, with HKICM join in to form a four-country enlarged agreement does open up wider possibilities for all members of the alliance.
The meeting ended with a presentation of souvenirs by HKICM President to AIB President and a group photo taken outside the conference room.
HKICM Secretariat
20 June 2019

Discussion and views exchanged during the meeting
President Daniel SHUM presents souvenirs to Mr David BURNELL
Group photo taken outside the conference room at Sheraton Hotel
From Left: Mr Sunny AU, Mr Boris WONG, Mr Henry NG, Mr Greg HUGHES, Mr Norman FAIFER,
Mr David BURNELL, Cr Daniel SHUM, Cr Dr Billy LEE, Cr Tony ZA, Mr Rocky CHOW and Mr Tony CHAN