Authorized Signatory Questionnaire Survey 2019 - Express of Interest on Subscription of Group Professional Indemnity Insurance for AS

Dear Members,

Authorized Signatory Questionnaire Survey 2019
Express of Interest on Subscription of
Group Professional Indemnity Insurance for AS

HKICM Authorized Signatory Committee, with the support of Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA) Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, has conducted an AS questionnaire survey in March 2019 regarding risks and insurance associated with AS. Further to the opinions collected from the survey, the Committee has engaged Insurance Broker to collect and compare different group Professional Indemnity insurance proposals for AS from different insurance companies. Amongst the 5 proposals received, one of the proposals is tailored made and considered as the most flexible and economic. This insurance proposal follows each individual as long as they are still member of HKICM rather than follow a company. It covers:
  • Breach of legal liabilities in acting as a professional;
  • Costs & expenses incurred in the investigation, defence or settlement of any claim in breach of liabilities;
  • Prosecution defence costs;
  • Infringement of copyright;
  • Inquiry costs and expenses for the defence, reply, obtaining legal advice for any disciplinary action taken by the relevant authority in Hong Kong
            ​(example of coverage see illustration in attached hypothetic case)

The premium can be as low as $1000 per member/year for a Policy Limit of 1 million to 2 million per member/year depending on the numbers of members participated to meet the minimum pool size of different policy limit options. So, the number of members participated to the group insurance subscription is crucial for our further negotiation and arrangement of the insurance program. HKICM members who have interest in subscription of this group insurance are cordially invited to express your interest by ticking the box below on or before 9 August 2019 (Friday).
            I am interested in subscription of the Group AS Insurance 

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the HKICM Secretariat Office by Tel: (852) 2523 2081 or E-mail: Or, you are invited to join our AS & RCM Social Gathering on 6 September 2019 (Friday,, the insurance broker will introduce the insurance proposal and answer queries in the event.

Cr CHUNG Yuk-ming, Chris
Chairman of AS Committee
29 July 2019


Hypothetic Case & Example of Insurance Coverage

第  xxx  號公告                                                       建築物條例(第123章)

現公布註冊承建商紀律委員會已於2018年x月x日根據建築物條例第13條的規定進行研訊,並裁定xx建築公司身為根據該條例第8A條在一般建築承建商名冊註冊的一般建築承建商,以及 YYY 先生身為獲該承建商委任以其為獲授權簽署人(AS),於2010年5月就中環xx項目進行建築工程,犯有行為不當:

他們確曾於此期間就該項目展開或進行屬專門工程的建築工程,但有關工程並非緊急工程,並須由註冊專門承建商(拆卸工程)進行,而該承建商並非該類別的註冊專門承建商; 以及
2.  他們於此期間就該項目展開或進行建築工程,而該工程:
  a. 與建築事務監督因應其就該項目於 xx 年 xx 月 xx 日發出的批准圖則不符;
  b. 事先沒有得到建築事務監督同意。
        a.    罰款港幣6,000元。
        b.    就委員會研訊方面的費用支付港幣80,000元;以及
        c.     就建築事務監督方面的費用支付港憋20,000元。

2019年 x 月 x 日                                                                                                                              註冊承建商紀律委員會主席
1.  研訊前,調查期間涉及的律師及咨詢費
2.  紀律研訊期間的律師費
3.  委員會研訊費用
4.  建築事務監督的費用


會員如果想多了解保險内容或提出疑問,歡迎參加我們9月6日(週五, )的AS & RCM Social Gathering,保險代理將在現場介紹保險方案及解答問題。