[New] BIM ISO 19650 Courses

BIM ISO 19650 Courses
Information management using BIM

Delivered by
Building Research Establishment (BRE)
Training Host Partner
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)
Supporting Organization
Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers (HKICM)
Stuart Byford



Get to acquire the knowledge and competence to implement international best practice and deliver in accordance with ISO 19650 requirements covering the standards, methods and procedures regarding the adoption of BIM. HKICM as a supporting organisation, members are cordially invited to attend the courses.

BIM ISO19650 Essentials
Date: 25th - 26th September 2019
            HK$3,834 with RTTP funding
Venue: Rm. 408-9, 4/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong 
[Day 1]
BIM Basics Unit 1: Catalyst for Change
BIM Basics Unit 2 Defining BIM
Principles of ISO 19650 Unit 3: Introduction to ISO 19650
Principles of ISO 19650 Unit 4: Procurement

[Day 2]
Principles of ISO 19650 Unit 5: Planning
Principles of ISO 19650 Unit 6: Production
Unit 7: Information management functions
Unit 8: Best practice standard, methods and procedures (SMPs)
Essentials examination (20 Question Multiple Choice)

This two-day classroom course provides an overview of information management using BIM as outlined in ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2. By doing so, this course ensures that the key considerations of effective information management using Building Information Modelling (BIM) have been sufficiently understood.

BIM ISO 19650 for Information Managers
Date: 27th September 2019
HK$6,000 per delegate
           HK$2,000 with RTTP funding
Venue: Rm. 408-9, 4/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong 

[Day 3]
Unit 1: Information requirements
Unit 2: BIM execution planning

Unit 3: Production of information
Unit 4: Information delivery to facilitate change
(20 Question Multiple Choice)

Note: Completion of the BIM ISO19650 Essentials (on-line or classroom version) is a pre-requisite for this BIM training.

This one-day course forms Stage 2 for our BIM Certification education pathway and is for professionals who undertake either the Task Information Manager, or Project Inforamtion Manager roles in accordance with ISO 19650.


About the Trainer
Stuart Byford trained as an Industrial Designer and holding 22 years’ experience within the AEC Industry working alongside architectural, engineering and construction professionals. Stuart takes a leading role in both the development and delivery of BRE’s online and class- based BIM training courses in PAS 1192-2 and ISO 19650, delivering training in the UK and internationally, as well as developing bespoke training material for companies to BIM Level 2 from Client requirements. Stuart also delivers BRE’s highly regarded auditing services of companies and individuals for compliance with PAS 1192-2 and ISO 19650 procedures in accordance with the BRE BIM company certification scheme.

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22 August 2019