[New] Use of Prefix "Cr" and Designation “RCM”

Dear Corporate Members and Registered Construction Managers,
Use of Prefix "Cr" and Designation “RCM”

Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers has since 2014 adopted the use of "Cr" as the English abbreviation of the courtesy prefix "Construction Manager" for corporate members, while “營造師” in Chinese after their Chinese names, to promote the identity of construction managers and construction management profession in Hong Kong. In addition, the Institute has also adopted the designation “RCM” or “註冊營造師” in Chinese for Registered Construction Manager to enhance the professional status of our members who possess of sound local practical experience.

The above prefix and designation are part of a promotional programme that requires every corporate member and RCM’s support in order to make them a success. The General Council now invite corporate members and RCMs’ participation in this exercise by adopting the abbreviation “Cr” in front of their English names and “營造師” after their Chinese names and/or “RCM” or “註冊營造師” in Chinese in their name cards and official communications. We hope that in time, the use of “Cr” and “營造師” in Chinese and “RCM” and “註冊營造師” in Chinese will help enhance the public’s recognition of construction managers and construction management profession.

For avoidance of doubt regarding the correct use of the prefix “Cr” and the designation “RCM” (please note that pronunciation for “Cr” is ‘Construction Manager’ and “Cr.” is an incorrect usage while “Registered Construction Manager” should be listed independently), a copy of the name card of HKICM President has been used as a sample as shown below.
The Secretariat
Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers, Limited
30 August 2019