Work Safety Alert (from Labour Department)

Year 2019
  Date   Accident at Work   工作意外
  Aug 2019 Fall from Wooden Formwork 從木板模上墮下
  Aug 2019 Fallen into Sea together with a Bulldozer 與推土機一同墮海
  Aug 2019 Pressed to Death by a Toppled Sliding Gate 被倒下的滑動式閘門壓斃
  Jul 2019 Struck by a Descending Material Hoist and Fell from Height 懷疑被下降的物料吊重機撞倒並從高處墮下
  Jul 2019 Operator Pressed to Death by a Toppled Excavator 操作員被翻倒的挖土機壓斃
  Jul 2019 Struck to Death by Falling Concrete Debris 被墮下石屎廢料擊斃
  Jun 2019 Crushed to Death by Toppled Aluminum Panels 被倒下的鋁板擊斃
  Jun 2019 Struck to Death by a Toppled Wooden Crate 被倒下的木箱擊斃
  Jun 2019 Struck by Moving Vehicle on Carriageway 在車路上被行駛中的車輛撞倒
  Apr 2019 Pressed to Death by a Collapsed Wooden Platform 被倒塌的木製平台壓斃
  Apr 2019 被叉式起重車裝載機械部件進入一個貨櫃箱時擊倒
  Apr 2019 Struck to Death by a Reversing Reach Stacker 被倒車中的象式起重車撞斃
  Mar 2019
Fall from a pile casing rotator 從鑽樁機墮下
  Mar 2019 Fall from a ladder while an air-conditioning plant under repair exploded  當維修中的空調設備發生爆炸, 從梯子墮下
  Mar 2019 Struck by a Falling Wooden Batten and Fell from Height  被墮下木方擊中並從高處墮下
  Feb 2019 Struck to dealth by  a Burst Tyre 被爆破輪胎撞斃
  Feb 2019 Struck to death by Fallen Glass Panels 被墮下的玻璃嵌皮擊斃
  Feb 2019 Trapped by the Deformed Elevating Work Platform 被變形了的升降工作台夾倒
  Jan 2019 Fall through a Floor Opening  從樓面孔洞墮下
  Jan 2019 Fall from Height from a Truss-out Bamboo Scaffold 從懸空式竹棚架高處墮下
  Jan 2019 Knocked over by a Lorry 被貨車撞斃

Year 2018
  Date   Accident at Work   工作意外
  Dec 2018 Fall from Height while Dismantling a Truss-out Bamboo scaffold 拆卸懸空式竹棚架時從高處墮下
  Dec 2018 Knocked over by a Lorry 被貨車撞斃
  Nov 2018 Fall from Foof 從天台墮下
  Oct 2018 Fall from Receptacle Cage Top of a Material Hoist 從物料吊重機載貨籠頂墮下
  Sep 2018 Drowning in Mangrove Swamp 在紅樹林溺斃
  Sep 2018 Suspected Electric Shock while Conducting Pipe Cutting Work 進行切割喉管工作時懷疑觸電
  Sep 2018 Fall through a floor opening 從樓面孔洞墮下
  Aug 2018 Fall from a wooden ladder 從木梯墮下
  Aug 2018 Fall from Lorry 從貨車墮下
  Jul 2018 Fall from a Bamboo Scaffold Inside a Lift Shaft 從升降機槽內的竹棚架墮下
  Jul 2018 Fall from Truck-mounted Cran 從貨車式起重機墮下
  Jun 2018 Trapped to Death by a Loader under Reppair 夾斃於維修中的搬土機
  May 2018 Fall from Upper Roof 從上層天台墮下
  Apr 2018 Fall from a Bamboo Scaffold 從竹棚架墮下
  Apr 2018 Fall from Height while Installing Metal Claddings on Roof 於屋頂鋪設金屬覆蓋層時從高處墮下
  Apr 2018 Struck by Toppled Metal Frame of A Reverse Circulation Drlling System 被翻倒的反循環鑽孔裝置的金屬架擊中
  Mar 2018 Fall from Height while Erecting a Bamboo Scaffold 撘建竹棚架時從高處墮下
  Mar 2018 Collapse of a Derrick Crane 人字吊臂起重機倒塌
  Mar 2018 Trapped between a Cargo and Metal Sliding Door 工人被夾斃於貨物與金屬滑動門之間
  Feb 2018 Trapped by a Lift Car 被升降機機廂夾斃
  Jan 2018 Fall from Height while Installing Glass Panel at Skylight 安裝天窗玻璃嵌板時從高處墮下

Year 2017
  Date   Accident at Work   工作意外
  Dec 2017 Struck by a Metal Bracket under Lifting 被吊運中的金屬托架擊斃
  Nov 2017 Struck by a Fallen Load 被吊運途中墮下的負荷物擊斃
  Nov 2017 Trapped by a Lift Car 被升降機機廂夾斃
  Nov 2017 Trapped inside a Lift Shaft 在升降機槽內被夾斃
  Oct 2017 Fall from Height while Carrying out Air-conditioning Work 進行空調工程時從高處墮下
  Oct 2017 Struck by an Excavator 被挖土機撞斃
  Oct 2017 Struck by a Sheet Pie 被板樁擊斃
  Sep 2017 Falling from a Metal Scaffold 從金屬棚架墮下
  Sep 2017 Fall from a Portable Metal Ladder 從流動金屬梯墮下
  Sep 2017 Fall from Roof 從天台墮下
  Sep 2017 Displacement of Bamboo Scaffold 竹棚架移位
  Aug 2017 Struck by a load fallen from an Overturned Truck-mounted Crane 貨車式起重機翻倒因而被墮下的負荷物擊斃
  Aug 2017 Trapped by Overturned Excavator 被翻倒的挖土機夾斃
  Aug 2017 Fall from a Planter 從花槽墮下
  Jul 2017 Electrocuted During Installation of Air-conditioning System 安裝空調系統時觸電死亡
  Jul 2017 Drowing in Hand-dug Tunnel 在手挖隧道內溺斃
  Jun 2017 Fall from a MObile Ladder PLatform 從流動梯台墮下
  Jun 2017 Crushed undermeath the Crawler of an Excavator under Repair 被壓斃於維修中的挖掘機的履帶下
  Jun 2017 Collapse of a Tower Crane 塔式起重機倒塌
  May 2017 Overturning of a Wheel-mounted Crane 輪胎式起重機翻倒
  May 2017 Run over by a Maintenance Train 被維修列車輾斃
  Apr 2017 Crushed by an Overturned Hollow Metal Cylinder 被翻倒的空心金屬圓筒壓斃
  Marr 2017 Collapse of a Temporary Working Platform Over the Sea 海上的臨時工作平台倒塌
  Mar 2017 Fall  from Working Platform Ereded at External Wall 從外牆工作平台墮下
  Mar 2017 Fall  from a Metal Platform Under Construction 從興建中的金屬平台墮下
  Mar 2017 Fall From Upper Floor of a Superstructure 從構築物高處墮下
  Feb 2017 Knocked down by a Fork-lift Truck 被叉式起重車撞斃
  Feb 2017 Fall from Height while Dismantling an Amusement Ride 拆卸機動遊戲機時從高處墮下
  Feb 2017 Fall from Roof 從構築物頂墮下
  Jan 2017 Trapped underneath the Dump Body of a Grab Loader 被夾斃於斗車的傾卸斗底
  Jan 2017 Trapped between a Refuse Container Tractor and a Refuse Tipper 夾斃於廢物貨櫃拖車與廢物傾倒台之間
  Jan 2017 Fall fromHeight while Climbing Down a Metal Scaffold 爬下金屬棚架時從高處墮下