Work Safety Alert (from Labour Department)

Work Safety Alert (Animation/動畫)

Work Safety Alert (Text Version/文字版)

Year 2021
  Date   Accident at Work   工作意外
  May 2020 Fall from Roof 從屋頂墮下
  May 2021 A Worker Rammed into a Rock 工人撞向一件石塊
  Apr 2021 Sturck by a Concrete Skip under Lifting 被吊運中的石屎斗擊斃
  Apr 2021 Struck by Displace Panels 被移位的面板擊倒
  Apr 2021 Fallen from a Bamboo Scaffold 從竹棚架墮下
  Apr 2021 Struck by an Elevating Working Platform 被升降工作台夾斃
  Mar 2021 Struck by Fallen Solar Panel 被墮下的太陽能板擊斃
  Mar 2021 Fall from a Wooden Ladder 從木梯上墮下
  Mar 2020 Fallen From a Toppled Step Platform 從翻倒的梯台墮下
  Feb 2021 Fall from Height 從高處墮下
  Feb 2021 Fall from a Step-Ladder 從梯子墮下
  Jan 2021 Fallen into a Refuse Chute 墮進垃圾槽
  Jan 2021 Fallen from the deck of a  telescopic mobile crane 從伸縮式流動起重機的甲板墮下

Year 2020
  Date   Accident at Work   工作意外
  Dec 2020 Fallen from Heigh 從高處墮下
  Dec 2020 Fallen from the rooftop of a building 從大廈天台墮下
  Dec 2020 Fallen from Height while Erecting a Truss-out Bamboo Scaffold 搭建懸空式竹棚架時從高處墮下
  Dec 2020 Pressed to Death by a Toppled Metal Hoarding 被倒塌的金屬圍板壓斃
  Nov 2020 Drowing while Conducting Underwater Welding Work 進行水下焊接工作期間溺斃
  Oct 2020 Fall through a Floor Opening 從樓層孔洞墮下
  Oct 2020 Fall through a Void 從空隙墮下
  Oct 2020 Pressed to Death by Collapsed Wall 被倒塌的牆壁壓斃
  Aug 2020 Struck by a Moving Vehicle on a Public Road 在公路上被行駛中的車撞倒
  Jul 2020 Fall into a Subsided Hole and Trapped to Death 墮進塌陷的孔洞並被夾斃
  Jul 2020 Collapse of Reinforcement Bar Structure 鋼筋結構倒塌
  Jul 2020 Suspected Electrocution while touching Cable of Electric Arc Welding Equipment 觸摸電弧焊接設備的電線時懷疑觸電
  Jul 2020 Pressed to death by a Machine Component on a Vehicle Platform 被貨車裝載平台上的機器部件壓斃
  Jul 2020 Fall from a Folding Step-Ladder 從摺合式梯子墮下
  Jun 2020 Struck by a Wire Rope of a Winch 被絞車的鋼索擊斃
  Jun 2020 Struck by Fallen Metal Beam and Fell from Heigh 被墮下的金屬支柱擊中並從高處墮下
  Jun 2020 Trapped by Bundles of Wooden Battens 被捆裝的木條夾倒
  Jun 2020 Collapse of a Metal Scaffold 金屬棚架倒塌
  Jun 2020 Fall from Height while Dismantling a Mobile Tubular Scaffold 拆卸流動式金屬通棚架時從高處墮下
  Jun 2020 Struck by Dispersed Metal Tubes and Fell from Height 被散開的金屬管擊中並從高處墮下
  May 2020 Fall to Death from a Plant Room 從機房內墮下死亡
  May 2020
Struck by fallen bamboo members and fell from height 被墮下的竹枝擊中並從高處墮下
  Apr 2020 Struck to Death by a Metal I-beam 被工字鐵擊斃
  Mar 2020 Struck to Death by a Metal Strut 被金屬支柱擊斃
  Mar 2020 Fall from a Ratainging Wall 從護土牆上墮下
  Jan 2020 Trapped between a Mobile Crane and a Railing 被夾於流動式起重機與圍欄之間
  Jan 2020 Fall from a Metal A-Ladder 從A字金屬梯墮下
  Jan 2020 Trapped by the Conveyor Belt of a Rock Crushing Plant 被碎石機的輸送帶夾倒

Year 2019
  Date   Accident at Work   工作意外
  Dec 2019 Fall from a Planter 從花槽墮下
  Dec 2019 Knocked down by an Excavator 被挖土機撞倒
  Dec 2019 Fall from a Bamboo Scaffold 從竹棚架墮下
  Dec 2019 Struck to Death by a Collapsed I-Beam 被倒塌的工字鐵擊斃
  Nov 2019 Struck to Death by a Reversing Water Wagon 被倒車中的運水車撞斃
  Oct 2019 Flashover Occurred at a Biodiesel Reaction Tank under Repair 維修生物柴油反應缸時發生跳火
  Oct 2019 Pressed to Death by a Descending Lift Car 被下降的升降機機廂壓斃
  Oct 2019 Struck to Death by a Reeversing Reach Stacker 被倒車中的象式起重車撞斃
  Oct 2019 Fall from a Bamboo Scaffold 從竹棚架墮下
  Sep 2019 Fall to Death from a Viaduct 從高架橋上墮下死亡
  Aug 2019 Fall through a Window Opening 從窗口墮下
  Aug 2019 Fall from Wooden Formwork 從木板模上墮下
  Aug 2019 Fallen into Sea together with a Bulldozer 與推土機一同墮海
  Aug 2019 Pressed to Death by a Toppled Sliding Gate 被倒下的滑動式閘門壓斃
  Jul 2019 Struck by a Descending Material Hoist and Fell from Height 懷疑被下降的物料吊重機撞倒並從高處墮下
  Jul 2019 Operator Pressed to Death by a Toppled Excavator 操作員被翻倒的挖土機壓斃
  Jul 2019 Struck to Death by Falling Concrete Debris 被墮下石屎廢料擊斃
  Jun 2019 Crushed to Death by Toppled Aluminum Panels 被倒下的鋁板擊斃
  Jun 2019 Struck to Death by a Toppled Wooden Crate 被倒下的木箱擊斃
  Jun 2019 Struck by Moving Vehicle on Carriageway 在車路上被行駛中的車輛撞倒
  Apr 2019 Pressed to Death by a Collapsed Wooden Platform 被倒塌的木製平台壓斃
  Apr 2019 被叉式起重車裝載機械部件進入一個貨櫃箱時擊倒
  Apr 2019 Struck to Death by a Reversing Reach Stacker 被倒車中的象式起重車撞斃
  Mar 2019
Fall from a pile casing rotator 從鑽樁機墮下
  Mar 2019 Fall from a ladder while an air-conditioning plant under repair exploded  當維修中的空調設備發生爆炸, 從梯子墮下
  Mar 2019 Struck by a Falling Wooden Batten and Fell from Height  被墮下木方擊中並從高處墮下
  Feb 2019 Struck to dealth by  a Burst Tyre 被爆破輪胎撞斃
  Feb 2019 Struck to death by Fallen Glass Panels 被墮下的玻璃嵌皮擊斃
  Feb 2019 Trapped by the Deformed Elevating Work Platform 被變形了的升降工作台夾倒
  Jan 2019 Fall through a Floor Opening  從樓面孔洞墮下
  Jan 2019 Fall from Height from a Truss-out Bamboo Scaffold 從懸空式竹棚架高處墮下
  Jan 2019 Knocked over by a Lorry 被貨車撞斃