Work Safety Alert (from Labour Department)

Year 2017
Date Accident at Work 工作意外
Dec 2017 Struck by a Metal Bracket under Lifting 被吊運中的金屬托架擊斃
Nov 2017 Struck by a Fallen Load 被吊運途中墮下的負荷物擊斃
Nov 2017 Trapped by a Lift Car 被升降機機廂夾斃
Nov 2017 Trapped inside a Lift Shaft 在升降機槽內被夾斃
Oct 2017 Fall from Height while Carrying out Air-conditioning Work 進行空調工程時從高處墮下
Oct 2017 Struck by an Excavator 被挖土機撞斃
Oct 2017 Struck by a Sheet Pie 被板樁擊斃
Sep 2017 Falling from a Metal Scaffold 從金屬棚架墮下
Sep 2017 Fall from a Portable Metal Ladder 從流動金屬梯墮下
Sep 2017 Fall from Roof 從天台墮下
Sep 2017 Displacement of Bamboo Scaffold 竹棚架移位
Aug 2017 Struck by a load fallen from an Overturned Truck-mounted Crane 貨車式起重機翻倒因而被墮下的負荷物擊斃
Aug 2017 Trapped by Overturned Excavator 被翻倒的挖土機夾斃
Aug 2017 Fall from a Planter 從花槽墮下
Jul 2017 Electrocuted During Installation of Air-conditioning System 安裝空調系統時觸電死亡
Jul 2017 Drowing in Hand-dug Tunnel 在手挖隧道內溺斃
Jun 2017 Fall from a MObile Ladder PLatform 從流動梯台墮下
Jun 2017 Crushed undermeath the Crawler of an Excavator under Repair 被壓斃於維修中的挖掘機的履帶下
Jun 2017 Collapse of a Tower Crane 塔式起重機倒塌
May 2017 Overturning of a Wheel-mounted Crane 輪胎式起重機翻倒
May 2017 Run over by a Maintenance Train 被維修列車輾斃
Apr 2017 Crushed by an Overturned Hollow Metal Cylinder 被翻倒的空心金屬圓筒壓斃
Marr 2017 Collapse of a Temporary Working Platform Over the Sea 海上的臨時工作平台倒塌
Mar 2017 Fall  from Working Platform Ereded at External Wall 從外牆工作平台墮下
Mar 2017 Fall  from a Metal Platform Under Construction 從興建中的金屬平台墮下
Mar 2017 Fall From Upper Floor of a Superstructure 從構築物高處墮下
Feb 2017 Knocked down by a Fork-lift Truck 被叉式起重車撞斃
Feb 2017 Fall from Height while Dismantling an Amusement Ride 拆卸機動遊戲機時從高處墮下
Feb 2017 Fall from Roof 從構築物頂墮下
Jan 2017 Trapped underneath the Dump Body of a Grab Loader 被夾斃於斗車的傾卸斗底
Jan 2017 Trapped between a Refuse Container Tractor and a Refuse Tipper 夾斃於廢物貨櫃拖車與廢物傾倒台之間
Jan 2017 Fall fromHeight while Climbing Down a Metal Scaffold 爬下金屬棚架時從高處墮下


Year 2016
Date Accident at Work 工作意外
Dec 2016 Trapped by the Conveyor Belt of a Concrete Batching Plant 被混凝土配料裝置的輸送帶夾倒
Dec 2016 Mishanding of Chemical Waste 錯誤處理化學廢料
Nov 2016 Fall from a Crawler-mounted Crane under Repair 從維修中的履帶式起重機墮下
Nov 2016 Crushed by a Collapsed Vehicle under Repair 被維修中的車輛壓斃
Nov 2016 Trapped by an Overturned Fork-lift Truck 被翻倒的叉式起重車夾斃
Nov 2016 Fall from Ladder while Conducting Inspection of Air-conditioning Units 檢查空調機組時從梯子墮下
Nov 2016 Collapse of a Working Platform on Metal Falsework 金屬臨時支架上的工作平台倒塌
Oct 2016 Collapse of Catchfans of Scaffolding 棚架的斜柵倒塌
Oct 2016 Struck by Moving Vehicle on a Carriageway 在車路上被行駛中的車輛撞倒
Sep 2016 Overturning of a Crawler-mounted Piling Rig 履帶式打樁機翻倒
Sep 2016 Being Trapped by the Grab of a Grab Loader 被夾斗車的夾斗夾著
Sep 2016 Falling from an Extended Outrigger of a Truck-mounted Crane 從貨車式起重機伸展的支重腳撐墮下
Sep 2016 Trapped in between a Vehicle and a Fork-lift Truck 工人被夾倒於汽車與叉式起重車之間
Aug 2016 Electrocution when Laying Electric Cable 敷設電纜時觸電死亡
Jul 2016 Falling through a Plastic Panel from the Top of a Covered Walkway 從有蓋行人通道蓋頂的塑料面皮墮下
Jul 2016 Falling from a Metal Working Platform into the Water 從金屬工作台上墮海
Jun 2016 Fall from Height while Conducting Electrical Wiring Work 進行電線接駁工作時從高處墮下
Jun 2016 Struck by Moving Vehicle on Expressway 在快速公踟路上被行駛中的車輛撞倒
Jun 2016 Fall from a Wooden A-Ladder 從A字木梯墮下
Jun 2016 Fall onto a Stack of Metal Struts 跌倒在一堆金屬架上
Jun 2016 Trapped by the Tail Lift of a Lorry 被貨車尾皮夾倒
Jun 2016 Stuck by a Moving Vehicle 被行駛中的車輛撞倒
May 2016 Electrocution when Removing Electrical Installation 移除電力裝置時觸電死亡
Apr 2016 Falling into Sea from a Sea Viaduct under Construction 從興建中的跨海高架橋墮海
Apr 2016 Fall from Height while engaging Air-conditioning Work 進行空調系統工程時從高處墮下
Mar 2016 Overturning of a Truck-mounted Crane 貨車式起重機翻倒
Mar 2016 Flashover while carrying out Excavation Work 進行挖掘工程時發生跳火
Mar 2016 Struck to Death by Bursting of an Aircraft Tyre 被爆裂飛機輪胎撞斃
Feb 2016 Struck by a Front Loader 被前置式貨櫃吊機撞倒
Feb 2016 Struck by the Counterweight of a Lift 被升降機的對重裝置擊斃
Feb 2016 Fall through a Window Opening 從窗口墮下
Jan 2016 Fall from Height while Carrying out Work on Roof 在屋頂進行工作時從高處墮下
Jan 2016 Fall from Height while Replacing Air Duct Insuulation Material 更換通風管道隔熱材料時從高處墮下

Information from others

Date From Description 內容
Sep 2017 CIC Guidelines on Planking Arrangement for Providing Working Platforms on Bamboo Scaffolds 竹棚架工作平台安排指引
May 2015 Building Department Safety of Scaffolding Works in Construction Building Sites during Typhoon Season 颱風季節期間建築/樓宇地盤棚架工程的安全
Mar 2015 CIC Guidelines on the Implementation of "P" and "N" Caring Programme 建造業關顧新人工作安全計劃指引