For Transfer

A member transferring from one class to an upper class of membership shall pay the application fee and the difference in subscription fee between the present class and the upper class of membership to be transferred.

For Membership Year 2020-21 (w.e.f. 1 April 2020) Non-refundable To be charged upon successful election or transfer
Transfer to  From Application Fee Balance of Subscription Fee
Fellow Member HK$800.00 HK$200.00
Member Associate HK$600.00 HK$800.00
  Construction Supervisor HK$600.00 HK$900.00
  Graduate HK$600.00 HK$1,400.00
  Student HK$600.00 HK$1,500.00
Associate Construction Supervisor HK$400.00 HK$100.00
  Graduate HK$400.00 HK$600.00
  Student HK$400.00 HK$700.00
Construction Supervisor Student HK$300.00 HK$600.00
Graduate Student HK$100.00 HK$100.00

<< An "Entrance Fee" of HK$1,000.00 will be charged upon successful election or transfer
to Member Class of Membership with effect from 1 April 2014 >>